Thursday, November 29


Have you tried I thought it was going to take me somewhere I shouldn't go... but once I got there I was pleasantly surprised! is a place where we can save all of our favorite websites so that other's can see them. This would be very useful if I wanted to share research, college, or job websites with my students. I could also use this to give my fellow teachers some of my helpful sites.

I think that this is a great tool! I can't wait to use it more.

1st try!

Hello all!

My first blog is about strategies for teaching interviews in Communication Applications class.  I have begun teaching this in my own class and have run into a few questions, as well as some interesting sites and videos that help explain the importance of a good interview!

I showed a few video clips but my students seemed to really enjoy this scene!

This is from the movie "The Pursuit of Happiness" and it shows the main character interviewing for a job.  My students were able to pick out the good and bad attributes of his interview and determine some possible other responses that he should have used. They also talked about his outfit and what he should have worn for a proper interview.

We talked in depth about appropriate attire for interviews. We searched some websites to find examples of the clothing, hair, and makeup that was appropriate for their age group (9th graders getting a 1st job!) and this website was very helpful for them. Check it out!